For those who feel the urge an to have a vested interest in our sport and enjoy the social platform that it can provide but feel the commitment to full ownership of a Racing Greyhound a step too far Syndication or part-Ownership is always an option! 
The thought of Owning one of natures ultimate racing machines appeals to many after a trip to their local Track. However, when they make enquiries in to the protocol of becoming the Owner of a Racing Greyhound whats involved may be a step too far for them. As with all hobbies and indeed the ownership of all animals there are certain moral and financial obligations. For some this a burden they don’t wish to tackle on their own. The costs (although relatively small) and the responsibilty is very often exceeds the magnitude of their resources, and the magnitude of their involvement. 
SYNDICATION IS A VERY VIABLE ALTERNATIVE for ownership of a Racing Greyhound and as well as reducing responsibilty and costs it offers the opportunity for any one who partakes to meet new people (that share common ground) and forge friendships that can last a lifetime. 
Being the member of a Syndicate or a Racing Club can mean as little or as much as you wish! You are entitled to the same privileges as sole Ownership but can be part of a group that want the same thing …. To enjoy owning a racing phenomenon!! Joint Ownership and Syndication is becoming very popular and we at LILYPAD RACING LTD embrace it in the full. We currently have Greyhounds owned in syndication, CASUAL GENTS & SUAVE RACING to name two, and all our groups are thriving! 
If you wish to be involved in the syndication of a higher standard of Racing Greyhound the SUAVE RACING CLUB could be just what you are looking for!! The club has various Greyhounds syndicated as separate entities and all the Hounds are thought to be of top grade quality with a potential to OPEN RACE. This means trip to race tracks around the UK and some memorable social events. Members of the SUAVE RACING CLUB also enjoy regular updates via the internet, MSM and from Pat himself and all the programs and plans for the Clubs Greyhound are done in a democratic manner among each groups members. SUAVE RACING CLUB is perfect for those who take their sport seriously or are hoping to use greyhound racing as either a social platform or for corperate hospitality. 
Pat & Liz Curtin have also set up the LILYPAD RACING CLUB, perfect for couples,families, friends and groups to be involved or for an individual wanting a more casual approach to Greyhound Ownership for a very small fee. For a one off payment of just £100 (membership) and a monthly subscription of £20, the LILYPAD RACING CLUB sees each member as equal shareholder in two young Greyhounds that carry the Clubs ‘AGENT’ prefix. You can enjoy all the perks of sole ownership including kennel visits, weekly & raceday updates and entry in to the Race Track at Monmore Green when the clubs Greyhounds are running. The LILYPAD RACING CLUB is a very inexpensive way to have lots of fun and enjoy the thrills of greyhound racing as part of group. 
Owning a racing greyhound is a thrill all people can experience. Put yourself and your greyhound first. 
Contact Pat on 07795 097574 or Liz on 07765 570782 
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